I'll protect my parents by doing my duty.

It’s been pretty good to challenge this one by involving threats to his home town, the family’s business and threatening them directly. Because the parents have always been close the character isn’t really threatened by Hungry, Thirsty and Tired because he gets fed and gets to sleep in his old room. How can I challenge this at a distance?

One way to challenge this t a distance is to have the character hear rumors or reports of danger threatening his hometown area while he is out on patrol somewhere else. Does he continue the misson or return home to protect his parents? What if the rumor is unfounded? What if he arrives too late?

A bit more abstractly confront teh player with threats to mice that remind him of his parents. If his father is a miller perhaps the miller of the town the patrol is visiting is threatened. The mouse must deal with the threat or become Angry.

It’s more like the player wants to explore the world and travel from place to place but hasn’t realised that this is the reason we keep ending up in sprucetuck. We talked about it and he said he’d try to think of a new belief.

That sure is difficult to challenge outside of Sprucetuck.

One idea I got is that maybe his character wants to succeed in missions without arising too much of attention. If his parents would hear that in a city where the patrol is likely stationed there has been some kind of dangerous accident, they would get a lot of stress, sleeping problems and even come to aid their little precious guardsmouse. And this is something the character don’t want to happen.

Character nows that sometimes the life of a guardsmouse is surely dangerous but in the same time understands that his parents haven’t realized this yet.

If you want to change the belive you could make a session that encourages changing his thoughts about his family. Some kind of a mission where his parents are forced to join the crusade. After realizing how dangerous life their son lives they propose that their son should quit the patrol or never see them again.

This seems ripe for a quest. Some threat to his parents’ town or way of life that can only be solved by a quest (or in our world, but enlisting and going off to war).