I'm running play-by-post FreeMarket!

After re-reading some old FreeMarket session reports, I am pumped to play this game again. Unfortunately, I don’t have any evenings free at the moment so I’m going to try running FreeMarket by post!

I’ve successfully run both Mouse Guard and Torchbearer as PbP games, so I am optimistic about being able to pull this off. We’ll be using Discord for out-of-character chat as well as for running challenges (I have a bot to handle the challenge and tech decks), and a Google Doc for the in-character / in-game stuff.

No prior experience is necessary. It would be helpful if would-be players had a copy of the rules (they’re $10), but I’m willing to explain stuff as needed if that’s an investment you can’t make.

Please DM me if you’re interested in playing or drop by my Discord server!

Preemptive apologies for the duplicate post. I made the original post (now deleted, I think) from an account that I don’t often monitor.

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