[Immortal] The Pennyman

The Pennyman (Unaligned)
[i]Legend says that he was the greatest thief of his time, maybe of all times. Some said that he stole the gold scepter of the Ogre King in the City of Gold in the far east. Some say he stole a tooth off a live mountain dragon up in the north. Some even say that we robbed a powerful sorcerer out of his magic in the deep south.

But ambition was his downfall. Fill with pride he planned the ultimate burglary: to steal the crown of the Lord of Lords himself. But little could he hide from the one who knows it all about Man, for he is our King. Brought to Him and judged the Pennyman was punished by giving all his treasure, the work of his lifetime, away. Now the greatest thief of all scatters his old coins around houses and towns, roads and ruins, for all of thieving heart to find. [/i]

Maybe this way I can explain all the f****ing lucky pennies they’ve being finding! :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay cool :cool:

They’re from cursed pouches. Anything placed inside is transformed into a “lucky penny.”