In charge of X

How do you represent someone being in charge of a specific facility?
For example, if a GMFoN is in charge of a slave mine/factory how would I represent this?
I assume that it is done by creating a second in command/overseer as a relationship and an affiliation and reputation as per a gang or crew on pg 118.

Is there a trait that can confer this sort of power and authority, like the Hammer Lord trait can give someone great authority within the hammer navies?

Can it be done simply with an affiliation and/or reputation?



Yes, yes and yes. But really, what do you want the factory to in the game?

In the World that we just burned (btw the world burning process is fantastic for creating really interesting worlds and setups - I was really happy with the process) the “Planet” is basically two cities, one moving city that stays in the twighlight of the slowly rotating world to siphon off the ore that cools at a different rate than the molton rock, and one a vast space station that manufactures starships from the raw materials harvested from the planet.

One GMFoN is in charge of the groundside city, his responsibility is to keep the ore flowing, and he uses slaves to do this.
Of course he wants to be in charge of the far more important space station, but that is his problem.

Control of the mining facility city is also going to feature heavily in the Slaves and Serfs faction I would suspect, as they are the workers.

I was burning this GMFoN and ran into this issue.

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If you just want it to represent a faction, just sat it’s a faction. Bam, done! But you could also use tech, property, and affiliations to represent it.