Inception Hack

So, I was discussing how to make Inception (which was an AMAZING movie…) into an RPG, with some folks on the MythWeavers board…and I was struck by something. Mouse Guard could make a spectacular fit. With a slight tweak.

GM’s Turn: There’s a little player input here. The GM chooses the target for the Extraction, to start off, and describes the challenges that will lie in the path of the Extractors. In other words, the obstacles. I’ll try and figure what these are. The Extractors have to go in, and overcome the Obstacle through careful work and dream-manipulating.

Player’s Turn: The players chart their course further into the dream, spending checks.

Obstacles: Come in the magic four categories, of course.
Subconscious Security
Unstable Dreams

Unsure on the other two?

Nature: represents your grip on reality, and how firmly you believe in reality. In other words, you have to let go of your firm belief in reality in order to shape and work in the dream reality. But go too far, and you lose yourself in the dream, and cease to believe in reality.

The script will cover some mundane skills, and also things like Disguise and Architecture.


Ohh man have you heard of Lacuna Pt1? Inception is scarily the same as Lacuna.

Yeah, seriously. Lacuna=Inception. No hacking required. Just change the names of stuff.

Wow, that looks like a very interesting game. I may have to check it out in the near future. Once funds replenish.

I’m planning to do it with FreeMarket.