Increasing Nature?

Is there a way to increase a character’s Mouse Nature, beyond the starting score?

I ask because I’ve searched through the book (and pdf) to find any means of doing so. I can only find ways to Recover to the original score and ways to Deplete it.

If there is not a way to increase Nature I find that very interesting, as that places a hard limit on Tapping Nature too often - a good thing IMO. I just never noticed until now.

Page 228 seems to have your answer.

Advancing Taxed Nature
Nature advances using the requirements for its current maximum rating, not its current taxed rating.

If my Nature is 5, but taxed to 3, I need five passed tests and four failed tests to advance.

Nature advances like all the other Abilities/Skills. Pass/Failed tests.


I’m not sure how I missed that.

Thank you! :smiley: