Infamous reputations at character creation

I am currently creating a character for a new campaign.

Big picture: The king died and various religious factions are trying to get a successor on the throne.
situation: A group of devout members of each faction reach out to prevent an imminent civil war.

I am going to play a templar knight of one the religions. I was wondering if it is possible to buy an infamous reputation with one of the other factions.

I want him to have a infamous reputation of “-1D or -2D Butcher of Gllenwffyr” which is one of fae and the old religions villages. It also happens to be the village of one of the other players, who is representing the old religion. The reason is that I want my character to work to repent for the disaster in Gllenwffyr

Or should I give him a trait to bring in this aspect of the character?

Both are good options, but which you choose feels like it depends on how you want it to emerge in play.

If it’s an Infamous Reputation, then it’s likely to manifest in your Circles tests (and associated Emnity Clauses). You’ll be looking to circle people and lean on that Reputation to drive those aspects.

A Trait feels, to me, more generic, but might be more flexible. It would totally be something I could point at to explain why I just did X or sided with Y, etc.

I love being able to use Circles, so, personally I’d enjoy leaning into that Infamous Reputation (they’re so fun!) for all sorts of Circles tests, and it’d likely also affect when I’m Helping others.

Mind you, if it’s so important to your character, why not get both?

-1D / -2D Infamous Reputation: Butcher of Gllenwffyr
(Character?) Trait: “Innocent Blood on my Hands” / “Repentant Killer” / “Fae-Cursed”
(etc. etc. there are so many good trait possibilities to play with)

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