Informal Survey: Who Rolls the Random Events in Town

Hey folks, Oren here.

I’m just trying to get an idea for how many GMs roll on the random events table when their PCs return to town. Feel free to elaborate on your reasons in comments. I myself have found that with so much other stuff happening in town, I’m inclined to skip the roll in favor of keeping things moving.

Always. 90% of the time you will simply get “it is a clear and sunny day” and move on. 10% of the time you will get something that makes life interesting.

Every time.

As far as concerns me, it’s as much a part of the rules as the Grind or anything else.

Plus, it’s hysterical when the PCs’ trousers are out of fashion.

Town? My players would like to know what a town phase is. I guess, when designs fail to bury them, I begrudgingly roll on the table hoping the dice work their dark magic.