Initiating a Psychic Duel with transferred skill

In my current BE game, there is one question which is arising : the master psychologist in Vaylen camp (he’s still human though) has established a connexion with a relationship of a PC. Using the transference (and transferring the Psychology skill), could a psychic duel be initiated by that connected NPC, on behalf of the psychologist, or does it have to be done in person ?

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Technically, no. The source of the challenge to the Psychic Duel—the NPC—isn’t genetically a psychologist. In game terms, he/she doesn’t have the Bright Mark or Mule traits.

That’s the technical answer. The other answer is: If you were writing an Iron Empires comic, would it be cool and shocking for that to happen? Is it a shocking and good twist? If yes, go for it.

Thanks for this quick and crystal clear answer ! I ll see how it goes in the next manoeuver. It actually could be as interesting for the game that the connected NPC gives away the location where the PC is or will be, in order to set up a trap where the psychologist could go in person to proceed to the psychic duel.

This would also be a pretty cool piece of high-index tech. You could easily do a “start a psychic duel remotely” tech, but the limitation that you must have a pawn to whom you have transferred the Psychology skill makes it a lot cooler.

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I ended up having the psychologist facing himself another PC that went to meet him.

For the next maneuver, I need the NPC Psychologist to go, him self, confront one of the PC. The situation is that this PC will most likely go to the government’s palace to meet with the chief of the Commune. The NPC needs to catch that PC before this meeting. Is it possible to use just an interstitial scene to arrange this meet up (something like “As you are waiting to be received by the chief of the Commune in his building, you bump into the NPC Psychologist”) and then make the scene evolve into a conflict scene (Psychological duel), all of it launched by the NPC ? Isn’t that too obvious/powerful ?

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Perfectly acceptable. The player could counter by using a builder or conflict scene of his own.