Injured/Sick - do i have to try myself


if i am sick or injured do i have to try to heal myself before i can see a doctor?
Also can i just take the -1 to one skill and don’t even spend a check on that?

Thanks in advance

i’ve always told players they must at least make one attempt using their own Health or Will before seeking assistance. I also always offer for them to ignore such efforts and leap directly to a reduction is a skill or ability.

I think this could be a way to read it but i am not sure. The text is quite ambivalent.

You can suck up the penalty at any time. You do not have to attempt to recover first. If both recovery and healing fail, then you must suck it up (or be stuck with a blanket -1D for ever, which is much worse).

But can i just go and see a healer before Trying myself?


Yes, you can skip trying to recover yourself and just go see a healer. But if the healer fails, then the GM immediately reduces one of your abilities or skills by 1. You do not have the option to try to recover on your own once you’ve seen a healer.