Injuries and Lost Dice

Some fiddly questions about wounds.

  1. Midi wounds - if you fail treatment multiple times (e.g. another surgeon steps forward before the wound bleeds to Severe), do you lose multiple dice?

  2. Midi wounds - if you fail recovery, is the die you fail to recover in addition to any lost from treatment? In other words, if you fail treatment once, succeed on the second attempt, then fail recovery, do you have 2D or 1D permanently lost from stat(s)?

  3. When are the dice permanently lost?

a) Immediately, over and above the global wound penalty. Say you have Power B3 and take a Midi, and fail treatment. Your Power goes down to B2 immediately and you lapse into incapacity because of the 2D wound. (Waking up when successful treatment takes that down to 1D, assuming that happens before you bleed to Severe.)

b) When it’s revealed by the receding global wound penalty. Say you have Power B3 and take a Midi, and fail treatment. You accrue a -1D to Power, but it’s masked by the global -2D wound penalty. Only when the global wound penalty is gone is the lingering -1D to Power apparent.

As another example, If you fail to recover from a Traumatic wound (4D initially, 3D after successful treatment), you take the full 6 months to recover. 2 months it drops to 2D, 4 months in 1D, with a permanent -1D to a stat, then at 6 months you’re fine but with a permanent -2D to a stat.

  1. In the case of 3b, when are the tests for advancement on the penalized stat wiped out, since it can be knocked down by degrees?

  2. Severe - failed recovery: how big is the permanent stat loss, 1D or 2D? (I think it’s 1D, rounding down “half of the dice lost”.)

On question 3, I thought I read something that implies 3b is the answer…


  1. Yeah, but the bigger problem, will probably be bleeding times!

  2. Yes, in addition.

3+4) 3b, immediately

  1. I think 1D but don’t quote me on that

Do you only lose advancement tests if you end up permanently losing a dice, then?

Yes, whenever stats change exponents (up of course, but down too), the tests for advancement are wiped out. But wound penalties (e.g. +1 Ob, -2D) don’t affect exponents exactly, they’re modifiers. Only permanent wound effects from failed treatment or recovery cause exponents to change.

  1. No, but we usually only allow one treatment test.

  2. You use two dice “permanently.” They can be recovered by advancing the stats again.

3a. No, you simply never regain the dice lost. You don’t take additional die penalties.
3b. Right.

  1. I’m meaner than you. I do -2D.

Okay, thanks!

Allowing only one treatment test is good - the consequence for failure is then immediate escalation tot he next wound category. Presumably you allow the same surgeon to retest for that? (Otherwise failed treatment for Severe become mortal with near certainty.)

Okay. If I can plant a thought for the 2015 BW Redemption edition, it would be really handy to do it the other way as it simplifies the state you need to keep track of. A global wound penalty that gradually recedes, and any exponent decreases are independent from that. The current way, you either need to record the exemption and degree of exemption between the stat and the wound. (For example, that you have a Traumatic wound healed down to a 2D penalty, and that 2D of its penalty doesn’t apply to Power.)

I wouldn’t allow the same surgeon to retest. To me that violates Let It Ride. You need to find another solution and quickly.