Injury and Skill Advancement

Hey again all!

I’ve seen talk around here on the forums and have seen actual play posts online, especially on youtube. But the more I look into it, the more I find conflicting answers. Or at least answers that I think are conflicting.

My question basically is: Do Injury penalties at all effect skill advancement?

An example may be that my Cleric (Peasant Born, Temple Acolyte, Priest, Footsoldier) with a Sword B3 has taken a Light Wound. That then drops my sword skill to B2 correct? So then I take an additional sword test and notice that I have the requirements to level by B2 Sword skill to B3. Then after natural healing and time I lose my -1D Light Wound penalty and gain back a dice to by sword skill. Would this then mean my sword increases to B4?

I know I’ve seen people play like this, but is it correct? Does being Injured make it easier to advance? And if so, do I seem to understand it, or am I wrong?

I feel this is wrong as I think about it. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood what people were talking about. Perhaps Injury makes in easier to advance by affecting the dice so that Routine/Difficult/Challenging Tests are easier to come by?

Injuries affect the number of dice you roll, but they don’t reduce your rating. If you have a B3 skill, you have a B3 skill. You need three routines and 1 difficult or 1 challenging to advance, whether you’re healthy or you have a midi wound. However, you’re tossing fewer dice, so you’re much more likely to get a difficult or challenging test. When you have a low exponent, like B3, that doesn’t seem that handy. But if you have a B6 skill, getting those difficult and challenging tests can be hard.

Ahhhh. Now I see :smiley:

Thanks so much Thor! Especially for the quick response!

Thats what I was beginning to think towards the end of my OP. That because you’re injured you’re rolling less dice, that changes your difficult/challenging tests.

Thanks again! That clears it up! ( I guess I can start playing by the rules now!)

Glad to help!

I’ve been witness to players refusing healing in order to milk the now more attainable difficult and challenging Obstacles! Or they accept healing, but then refuse to rest and go out adventuring with Severe wound penalties for the same reason.

One of the PC’s in a game I ran a few years back took a traumatic wound after picking a fight with a demigod that left her in a coma for several months, upon regaining consciousness, she proceeded to continue on with the adventure with a -2D penalty. Belief: “I will hit someone with my crutch.”

We just had a character finally recover from a Severe wound that he had been nursing for close to a year of game time (and a couple of real years of on and off play).