Injury, Sickness, and harsh healing...

I’m still learning MG (I’m up to page 130) and came across something that struck me as potentially strange.

Being that they are both Ob3 tests, the odds of getting a permanent injury despite seeing a healer seem pretty high. So, for an average healer (3d), there’s only a 1 in 8 chance you’ll walk away without a permanent injury. With 4d (better than average healer or average healer with a poultice). There’s only about a 1 in 3 chance, and with 5d, it’s still only 50/50.

Not that I have a problem with grim consequences, but if I’m reading the rules right, a permanent injury is pretty much as bad as just being injured, if not worse. The example in the book mentions lowering Health by one permanently. That means for every Health related conflict henceforth, your disposition is one less than it would be without the injury, and for every Health test, you effectively already have a 1d penalty. Sure, you can compensate with an advancement, but that would mean spending and advancement that could have been spent elsewhere. So, in a way, you never really recuperate from a permanent injury. (I know, duh, that’s why it’s permanent, right?)

But, the point is it seems to me that you’re better off not taking a chance with a healer and sucking up that 1d penalty until you can heal naturally. Am I missing something? Thanks.

I don’t know about ‘spending’ an advancement – advancements happen for each skill individually, based on getting checks for those abilities.

Realize that doesn’t address the question at the end, but it’s something I think needs clarifying – you wouldn’t be robbing some other skill when you advance Health.

You get one chance to make the Health test to recover from an Injury. If you fail that, your only recourse is a healer. If the healer can’t help you, you lose a die from a stat or skill. Or if there’s no healer, you really suck it up and take the -1D penalty.

I’ve found the Injury/Sickness rules to be just about perfect.

Though if I had my druthers, I’d probably make injury Ob 4 Recovery.

You get one chance to make the Health test to recover from an Injury.

Ahhh…I missed that. Thanks for the clarification.