Insight into the mysterious mind of a game designer

I spent today doing something extraordinarily dumb…
What is wrong with me? Why do I keep doing this?


Hahahaah! It’d wouldn’t be BW without overly detailed rules for horses!


It’s so much worse than it looks.


The return of Rules for Rich.

I think these are better mounted combat rules than Burning Wheel. :grimacing:

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Horse Burner is back, baby. :innocent:

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I couldn’t stop myself! The words, the little systems, they just kept coming!

New link below!


If I may be so bold to ask for some further insight, can I ask why you choose to exclude the longsword and hache from being used from horseback?

The reason I ask is it seems like they would both be an appropriate weapon to use in mounted combat, albeit rare for the time period; Both the German and Italian traditions of longsword feature mounted combat techniques, and early examples of hache d’abordage, the boarding axes used by french sailors, are extremely similar to horseman axes in design, length and proportion.

Was your choice motivated by a mechanical, stylistic, historical reason, or something else entirely?

Pure period culture. It’s not that it can’t be done, it’s that it simply wasn’t.

I mean, soldiers knew you could also take cover behind walls and rocks, but they didn’t due to cultural forces.

Also, new link. I forgot to add the main point for writing all these rules…


Thanks for the insight into your game design process!

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