Instinct: Always stutter in front of the ladies.

So what do you folks think…would it be too heavy handed to impose disadvantage Obs for social interactions with females for this instinct, when he chooses to play it? He took no traits about stuttering.

He wants to complicate his life with it, and I want to oblige. Roleplay and story stuff we can handle it. But when it comes to a duel of wits or even a versus talky test with a gal…how do I make the instinct significant?

If I had that instinct, I’d hope the gm threw me steel tests, lest I gibber uncontrollably for relevant actions, presuming I went with my instinct. After all, when your a nervous guy, being surprised by a lady can throw you right off

Ahhh…that’s a good idea Aaron. Thanks for bringing that up. Anyone else got anything?

“Are you stuttering? That’s +1Ob, if you are.”

Every time it makes trouble for him, he gets a Fate point. And he can decide not to play the instinct whenever he wants. So no, it’s not too heavy-handed. I’d say it’s not too heavy-handed to have social situations go completely south before the PC can even get a full sentence out! Make trouble!

I think it’s a great Instinct. As JSTN noted, it’s more of an RP thing. He doesn’t need obstacle penalties. He needs to pass up opportunities because he’s stuttering. Once the habit is established, you can vote him for a trait – that will change the nature of his character mechanically.

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Thanks all, this gives me some handles to grab for. And yes, of course he has a belief about winning a gal’s heart. Should be fun!

Would a steel test apply in this instance? He might be as tough as nails in the face of bullets and blood and still fall to pieces at the sight of a heaving bodice!