Instinct: Always take a bag of coins whenever I travel.

This character is a Noble Wizard with a B3 in Resources. (Rent, 2D Reputation, 1D Relationship and 1D Affiliation) He would start out with 1 die in cash and then have to replenish as needed to fulfill his trait.

The question is, should he be testing Resources each time his cash dice is depleated, or should it be something that is assumed that he always has cash on hand unless the fiction seems a test is required?

(I considered treating his Instinct Cash like a toolkit in that whenever he dips into it a DoF check is required)

Thoughts and Feedbacks are, as always, Greatly Appreciated.

My initial thought is that the Player has written that Instinct as a way to get occasional Resources tests, which seems totally legit to me!

At the start, I’d probably allow them to test Resources any time they need to generate that cash-on-hand. So, once it’s spent, I’d leave generating it until the point they need to reach back into their pouch for extra cash, and then I’d get them to test.

E.g. Our wizard previously used the cash on hand to (help) pay for some much-needed candles. Now, she needs to bribe the gate guard to let me through.

At this point, I’d call for a Resources check, and she’d be within her rights to point at her Instinct and say “but I should have some cash in my pouch!”.

Great! Roll for the Instinct, (consequence of failure: her pouch has been stolen), and then roll for the Resources test to bribe the gate guard.

You can’t use an Instinct to change the cash rules. Cash doesn’t become a toolkit and you can’t produce it for free. There are times when you don’t use cash because of Say Yes, regardless of Instinct; otherwise you have to roll. Resources alone is fine for bribing guards. There’s nothing cash can do, by the rules, that Resources can’t; cash dice are a limited subtype of Resources.

And having some cash on hand is a reasonable part of having Resources. That’s why you don’t have to roll twice, once to give yourself a cash die and once to spend it, every time you pay in coin.

I guess I’m not sure what this Instinct is for. It’s like “Always wear clothes when leaving home.” It’s a reasonable assumption that comes with having clothes or Resources 1+ on your character sheet.

The character is a Noble Wizard who travels a lot between cities.

He always brings an extra die of cash with him whenever he travels to cover emergencies.

When he gets to whatever location he is traveling to, he sets up shop so to speak, doing research studying with another mage, delving into the local ruins (following his beliefs).

The instinct is there to remind us that he would have attempted that before he left again.

Not as a source of free money, but as a reminder that this is something he always arranges before he leaves town.

Too Much?

Seems perfectly legit as long as the player makes the resource roll to create that cash die, at some point in the game.

It’s fine, I guess. But honestly, it’s more a treat for the GM than the PC. That’s because losing that bag of coin becomes a great failure result in all sorts of situations. The benefits for the PC? I can’t think of one. That’s because they can roll the Resources test at any time whenever the cash is needed.

One benefit for the PC is they will never get +Ob penalties to generate 1D of cash via Resources simply because they are far from home and not in contact with any of their sources of Resources.

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