Instinct Clarification Question

I’ve started reading Burning Wheel (bye-bye, D&D), and I noticed a difference between BW and MG Instinct mechanics… I just want to be sure I dot all my i’s here:
In BW, an Instinct seems to grant a free action; if Saxon were playing in BW, his “draw my sword at the first sign of trouble” instinct would guarantee that his sword was drawn in combat without his player having to say so. In Mouse Guard it’s a roleplaying cue: His player must still say it/act it out to get the benefit of a Fate Point.
Am I correct in this instance? Thanks!

You are correct about Instincts in BW vs MG. BW and MG are two different games. Though they use the same terminology (and ethos), you have to be careful not to cross them.

Thank you, Luke. I love that I can ask the creator questions and get answers.
Much appreciated!