Instinct help

Finally my turn to run a game has come around, so Torchbearer is set to be unleashed!

One player has chosen to be a warrior and wanted an instinct “always have an additional weapon to hand somewhere”. Trying to interpret this for him, I’m not prepared to trump the inventory rules, nor remove possibility of disarm as a conflict result or twist.

How about: If unarmed, can use any piece of equipment as an improvised weapon (for +1D) but runs risk of being damaged/destroyed.

Is this stretching instincts a bit too far. Is it really just be a Belief?

Not a great Instinct. Just tell them the Instinct should be a way to get a test without taking a turn because it’s so…instinctual to the character. “Always repair a broken weapon in camp.” is a better Instinct. As is, “Always have a stout club at the ready,” meaning a free Survivalist test to cut down and whittle a quarterstaff or cudgel.

Thanks, those are indeed (obviously) better suggestions.