Instinctive Difficulties

I’m getting ready to run my first MG game, a solo campaign with me brudder. We’ve made his character, and everything looks good. My only concern is this character’s Instinct (Seek aggressive resolution). It seems satisfactory, but I’m having some difficulty in conceptualizing ways to challenge this Instinct. Does anyone have any ideas for how to do this, or is it too general? Should I have him change it?

Thanks in advance,


PS- I thought it might be relevant to note that coming up with this character’s Instinct was the most challenging part of character creation for my brother, easily taking twice as long as any other facet of the character. I had to get him to peel back the layers of his initial Instinct several times just to get to where it is.

If his Instinct is “Always seek aggressive resolution,” you won’t have to challenge it. He’ll do it in every scenario you put forward. Just remember to have situations that are grey areas. Make him question when he decides to act against it. In other words, don’t always give him conflicts or challenges where violence is his best bet.