Instincts in Camp

Something came up in our game around Instincts that would allow a free roll in Camp saying “Always brew potions and salves when we camp” & “Always tend the wounded at camp”.

How do these work in practice? Do you make enough potions for everyone or can you tend the whole party? I assume (but I am wrong a lot) that an Instinct that allows a free roll in Camp is only once per Camp. Meaning one Alchemist roll and one Healer roll per Camp event.

Apologies if this has been covered, I did try a search on the forum first.

Thanks for clarifying this.

You can make one/tend to one person

And remember, you earn on that if it benefits the party.

I am loathe to write rules proscribing the limits of Instincts. They’re meant to be exploits, but they shouldn’t be abusive.

To that end, we allow one use of an Instinct in camp.