Instincts in Mouse Guard

Since this is for questioning, ill do my questions here too.

Lets say a Mice have an instinct that says “Im allways prudent with the weather so, every time we stop i check the weather”.

How should i handle this?

  • make the mice roll weather watch wevery time they stop?
  • pure roleplay and sometimes let it roll to see if i add a twik/condidion?’

Should the mice game suss/failed improvements on the weather watch skill every time he checks the weather because of his instict? or sould i handle it like the gaining skill suss/failes in combat (only gain one suss/fail depending on the 1st roll)

Thanks in advance

If that’s his instinct, it’s up to the player to check the weather. If he does, he gets a fate point at the end of the session.


So it would be like:

“GM: so the patrol is moving well and stops on the top of the tree where you all can see the town ahead”
“player: since we ssstop, i check the weather”
“GM: go for it” (and the player rolls)

The players would not get the failed/sucess improvement on the Skill but he would get the Instinct fate bonus at the end of the session? or would he get both?

One more question:

  • there are 2 mice teams VS a snake: Team A wants to kill the snake, Team B just wants to make it go away (not kiling it)

the snake was defieted. What happens now? he it killed of does she run away?

ill tell how we handled it, but would like your opinion:

we cheked wich team reduced more disposition from the snake and applyed their winning goal. Because the snake was defending his eggs, and Team A (kill the snake) also won, we decided that all the eggs were destroyed in the process of the conflict


Why doesn’t he get the test for advancement? He’s got to make an incredibly risky test against the weather. All of the risks and perks of a regular test are in play.

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Makes sence

Sorry :sad: . I wont forget that next time.