Instruction clarifications

(I’m assuming that during downtime, a (N)PC or 2ic with Instruction can act as an instructor to any character his player sees fit.)

The book states that "Instruction eats up all of the character’s free time. He may not practice other skills during the instruction period. " Does this just apply to the student, i.e:

  1. Can the instructor practice during the instruction period?
  2. Can the instructor teach anyone else during the instruction period?

Color-wise I could see that instruction could occupy more of a student’s time than an instructor’s, e.g. Mr. Miyagi can relax while Daniel-san waxes cars and paints fences. (But on the other hand, maybe Mr. Miyagi needs to relax during that period, in order to maintain his patience in the face of his student’s whining.)

The instructor is losing just as much time to the instruction…

The only way I can see teaching multiples is to teach them the same thing at once. I’d limit it to exponent students

Instruction is the most efficent method of conveying tests. The restriction of no practice during instruction time is a game mechanical limit. It applies to both teacher and student.

Does this circumvent instruction classes, luke?

Is this a legit question? And if so, could you start a new thread?