Instruction in One-On-One games

Hello all!
I’m currently running a one-on-one game of Burning Wheel with a friend, centering around a school of magic. Her character is a student of the school, so obviously a lot of the play is centered around lessons, homework, training, etcetera. I have a few ideas on how to vary the education (one teacher’s notion of education is throwing the students into dangerous situations and grading them on how well they survive), but I also want to use the more classic tools for education - like Instruction.

She has a teacher, and he has the Instruction skill. However, I really don’t like important things like this to be entirely dependent on the teacher’s (NPCs) roll. I can’t think of a way she could influence his roll, and it feel very anti-climatic to have her lose her instruction-time because of something so random. I’ve thought about ways to have teachers withhold the test - only give instruction to the best students, having them preform other tasks first, and so on. But he issue still remains when it’s time for the actual instructin’ to take place.

Has anyone ever used Instruction in a situation like this? How did you do it? How would you do it?

Here’s a one on one Luke ran that starts off with some instruction:

The full series is here:

When I was about to run a one on one, I immediately called this thread back up for a read. It is pure gold.


Just “say yes” and use the default time for the test.

Thanks, I’ll probably do that! Also, thank you ffilz for the Si Juk tales, they were gold indeed!

I imagine one way students can add a Help Die to the Instruction test is using their Research skill to study up on homework.
Hermoine Granger has clearly shade-shifted her Research skill with her Child Prodigy trait.