Instruction & Learning from Another: stat tests

(Play along at home: BWG pages 50 - 51)

In our current campaign, we’ve got people learning the Instruction skill, and we wanted to check if we’ve got it right.

Firstly, you can only use Instruction for skills, rather than stats.

However, as the instructor can set the level of of the test received (Routine, Difficult, Challenging), if you’re teaching someone a skill they don’t have through, say, Challenging tests, would they not log a Stat test instead?

It strikes me that this gets close to violating intent/task (intent: learn skill, not intent: increase stat), but I was hoping someone wiser could point me in the right direction?

So, the question is: can you use Instruction to give people Stat tests via high-Ob ‘Beginner’s Luck’ tests?


I’m not at home so i don’t have the book at hand but … a skill you don’t have is basically and generaly open with routine test.

Why give a challenging test to learn the basics of a skill, no teacher would do that (or basically that’s what a failed instruction roll could mean)?

If a routine test for a skill is difficult or challenging for a Stat then i think it’s fair to raise the stat first. Like a sport class, you get stronger or gain endurance before learning any real skill in a sport no?

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EDIT: If you want some textual backup.

“Instructors can give their students tests for advancement or tests for learning a new skill.” -p. 51, “Test Me”

You can only learn skills from routine tests, ergo an instructor may not give you difficult and challenging ones.

Right. Teaching at a challenging level violates intent/task. The appropriate intent/task for a beginner teaching at the routine level.

Can a Instructor give a Difficult or Challenging test towards Advancement at all? Say if the student has a B5 skill and the Master has a B8 skill?

The rules are on page 50.

Tell me more of these… “rules.”

Brilliant! Thanks, guys.