Intense (banker lifepath trait)

I’m new to the Burning wheel world and I’m starting a campaign soon.
So one of my players picked the banker lifepath in the human city dweller setting. It notes the Intense trait but that trait is not in the traits list. There’s the Intense hatred trait but I don’t think it is correct.
Is it a mistake? Should I replace it with another trait?


It’s a Character trait that has no affect on dice rolls. Many such traits are not described elsewhere beyond the lifepath in which they are found.

It’s meant to be a role-playing guide for the player. This person, through the demanding tasks of his job, has developed an intense personality. Play it up for Artha when the time’s right. Play it up often and maybe it will be upgraded to a Call-On or Die Trait during the Trait vote.

No matter what, it’s not a mistake.

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