im probably like the youngest player ever in mouse guard rpg, but i love it! the only problem is that you need more than one player. do you think my friends will like it? they said theye would try it and ill be gming but i dont know if many young kids are into this stuff any advice?

i sure hope they do

Hi Mirado,

Welcome to Mouse Guard. Have you and your friends played roleplaying games before? Or are you worried about the mousiness of Mouse Guard?


no. weve never played rp games before but i know they will have nothing against mice with swords its just the time and complexity of it… stuff like that

It can take some time to learn anything so take your time with it.

For the first time playing, I recommend using “Find the Grain Peddler” sample mission in the book. Use the characters for that mission (Saxon, Lieam and Kenzie). Read through the mission and make sure it makes sense to you, then give it a try with your friends. :slight_smile:

Well then, Mirado, you are the bearer of a great gift. You’re going to blow your friends’ minds! RPGs are amazing and super fun.

Do you have the comic? Can you give it to your friends to read?

How many players do you have?

i have three winter comics and ill have from 1-5 players

the problem is i cant get them to try it out first

Before I can give advice, can I ask you some questions:

How old are you?

How old are your (friends) players-to-be?

What RPGs, if any, have you played before?

What RPGs, if any, have your friends played before?

Do you play computer “role playing games” – like Final Fantasy or Zelda, for example?

Do your friends play computer games like that?

Do you or your friends play board games? Here’s a list, let me know if you’ve played any of these: Monopoly, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Runebound

Do you or your friends play with miniature games? Here’s a list, let me know if you’ve played any of these: Battletech, Warhammer 40k, Mage Knight, Heroclix, Mechwarrior

OK, give the comics to the friend you think will be most into it. Run him through the intro adventure (you may need to tone down some of the numbers by 1 or 2 since he won’t have help). If he’s into it, add another friend and run the adventure again! If not, try with another friend, etc. I would stop at 2 or 3 players, though.

Exactly what I would have said. Start with one enthusiastic friend. Have some adventures, talk about it with your other friends. Yoink them in one by one – but don’t tell them that that’s the plan! You have to make them WANT to play. You do that by playing a little bit and then talking about the good times.

It’s probable that not all of your friends will like RPGs. That’s cool. You just need to find the ones who do and then get started.

im not like 5 but im not 14 either
friends will be my age
no rpg experience
computer games weve both played
dont play borad games together

ill take that into consideration thanks for all ur help guys! (/ girls)

Come back and let us know how it goes!

i will

well, at least my friends tried it we made characters and ran find the grain peddler, they got confused on the snake fight, but they pulled through and found the map. we are planning on trying a different one soon, so they must have had at least a LITTLE bit of fun

If they’re coming back for more, that’s all you need. Just remind them that everyone is getting used to the system and that playing is the best way to keep learning. As long as they have fun, they’ll keep coming back.


How many players did you have? What characters did you use? What happened?!

sry bout not replying, been busy with school and stuff. what happenened was we made our characters and they failed the scout test at the beggining, attacked the snake and won, found the map and healed themselves of anger

Rad! Did they have fun?