"into" a stronghold?

Hey folks,

I’m probably just dense, but does pushing someone “into” a stronghold require pushing their piece along one of the edges of the stronghold, or does it just mean being at one of the intersections the stronghold touches?

I asked this a while back. The intersections controlled by a stronghold are considered board edges for the purposes of pushing mice into it. So, if you play a sword to push a pawn into a stronghold-controlled position, you capture it, regardless of whose stronghold it is.

Sweet, so just being on the corner of the stronghold is a capture?

Only if you’re being pushed into it with a Sword. You can’t capture mice by playing a Stronghold card - they have to retreat, and if they can’t, you can’t play the Stronghold. But you can push a pawn into an existing Stronghold.

This includes friendly strongholds too, correct?

As far as I can tell, yes. You can push a pawn into their own stronghold, and you can’t play a stronghold if one of your own pawns would be forced to make an illegal move.