Introducing "bardic" skills

One of my players told me he wanted to play something like a bard. Obviously, I had to explain him that he´s, first, a guardmouse, but there shouldn´t be any mather with having some music skills for him.

How many skills would be fine for music?
-Play musical instrument
-Singer (including story-telling and poetry?)
Or just musician as a whole?
What to do with story-telling and poetry? Singer can be used, or something like Orate, with the aid of some specific wises (fable-wise, epic-wise, folklore-wise, etc.), but something like Poet could be used also.
Then, there could be some useful applications for a “musician” skill…
-distracting someone (mouse or animal).
-entertaining a crowd or a group of mice.
-composing a song/poem as a gift to someone (helping your further request with +1d), or just aiding (not being rolled).

What do you think? Many skills or just a few of them? By looking at all the profesion & craft skills in mouse guard I´d say many skills suit better, but I don´t know.

Create a Performer skill. Don’t get too nitpicky with different skills for different types of performance.

You´re probably right, the complexity may be added later by specific wises.

Use the variations to create a nice range of factors.

One of the players in my campaign has a bardic character with skill in Orator & Loremouse in addition to Musician. The Loremouse skill comes into play quite a bit & makes the character quite helpful to the Patrol out in the wilderness; Orator & Musician come into play while in towns. Her character’s instinct is to elevate mouse culture throughout the territories by sharing music & poetry. No benefits to the Patrol during combat, however, except as a singing mouse draws the attention of predators.

Personally, I’d just stick with the existing Orator skill and let him use a lute or whatever as tools.