Ironically...I need help understanding wises

Ok I have read the book (some sections twice) and think I have it. I went to start creating a character and don’t understand the Wises part of it. Are these made up from the hip? I looked at the example sheets and Sadie has Starwise for example.

  1. Do I make up wises?
  2. How many wises does a character start with?
  3. How many can he have at one time?
  4. How is the number assigned to each wise made?

Can I make up prayer-wise assign a 3 to it and use it in conjunction with healing? Or can I do sword-wise 2 and add that to my fighting roll when in combat?

Thank you

I think pages 303 to 305 have everything you’re looking for.

  1. You can, but there’s also a list of examples starting on page 304.
  2. Depends on what rank they start out with. Also, on page 304.
  3. If you open a wise through play, it’s going to start at 2. If you get it through character creation, it depends on how many points you put into it.
  1. Page 304-305 has a big list. You can make up more, but follow the guidelines given on page 305 about specific wises.

  2. Page 304 of the Book - It’s based on Rank.

  3. A wise is a skill, just like Fighting and Scout and what have you. Every Mouse Guard Character can only have a maximum of 24 skills, and wises are a skill that count towards that limit.

  4. In character creation, one check starts that wise out at 2, just like most of the other skills. additional checks will add one more point to that wise. So two checks will make the skill 3, three checks will make it 4, and so forth.

For your last question, look at page 92, under “I am Wise”. Having a related wise to a situation gives you a +1d to any skill test. You do not add your wise rating to a fighting or healing test, just the +1d if it is applicable to the situation.

CRAP! I so looked in the idex before posting and didn’t see or remember those pages…

Thanks guys.