Is BWG the current edition?

Is Gold now the latest BW offering?

For me, the real evolution in gaming that BW was at the vanguard of was the social combat mechanic. There is a great lecture titled, Beyond Dungeons and Dragons which you can watch on youtube that goes into great detail about what is so special about Burning Wheel. The gist of the idea is that BW gives you a system to resolve arguments between characters and other characters and between characters and NPCs. Your character can literally win an argument in the same way a character can win a battle. There is a robust and complex “battle” mechanic to resolve arguments. In D&D if two characters find a magic sword, the players must come to an agreement about who gets it (even if the players speak “in character”, it is still the players who are making an agreement and the verbal skills of the players deciding the outcomes). But in BW, your characters are the ones who will make the agreement and if your character has a wormtongue-like ability to manipulate others, he will.

Yes, Gold is the current system and the only book you need.

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On the main note: yes.

Burning Wheel Gold is the latest version of burning wheel.

BWHQ relatively recently released a system based more around adventuring into dungeons, called Torchbearer, which is recognisably related to BWG, but has a different focus and feel, as well as lots of mechanical differences.