Is Dungeon World still being reprinted?

As we start a new Dungeon World campaign, I want to point everyone where they can get the book (I have one!). But the Burning Wheel site no longer lists any books under the Dungeon World tab, and Amazon appears to have an intermittent, unreliable supply with very swingy prices—when they have copies at all.

Does Burning Wheel HQ still keep Dungeon World in print? It’s not perfect, but it’s still the best and most accessible PBTA game for flexible “Gygaxian fantasy”, which makes it an ideal gift for many people I know, and a perennial favorite. Until someone hires Jeremy Strandberg to mastermind the 2nd edition, I really hope you can keep it alive!

Thank you!

Prices at the printer went up so we’ve been discussing our options.

Thank you, @luke! Where should we keep an eye out for news about this, if and when you work something out?

Do a crowdfunded hardcover, color second edition!!!

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