Is Infection One Way?

Do the Infection mechanics only work to run games in which the worms are invading and must be held off, or can they be used in a reverse situation where a planet is held by the worms and humans are trying to reclaim it?

They work every which way:

  • you can play humans resisting the infection (the default)
  • you can play vaylen assuming control
  • you can play humans trying to retake a planet
  • you can play vaylen protecting a planetary asset.

How would Infection work for:

- you can play humans trying to retake a planet

Would they be the ones infiltrating and usurping? Or would you generally just want to skip right to Invasion?

skip to Invasion. this is what the last GHQ playtest was about.

Yeah, we just went right to Invasion. But you can do the Infection just fine so long as it’s human vs worms and the planet in question is a human/IE planet.

We’ll have more WB goodness out for you soon, but for now enjoy what we’ve given you!