Is my BE book lost?

Hi Luke

I’m not sure if I should be worried or not. I pre-ordered my BE a long time ago but I haven’t received it yet. It seems everyone has received their copy. I even sawe this on the forum today…

“Woot! Mine arrived here in New Zealand. It was one of the first Key20 orders and delivery times were fast (2 weeks). The book seems mostly
unharmed by the long distance.”

It seems Key 20 has been able to get BE out to their customers.
Should I be worried something has happenned to my book. It is not a
specially illustrated copy, just the book and the PDF which I have.
Is there anything you can do.



Seems Canada Post doesn’t like you. Have you been speaking out against the war? Against the conservatives? Hm? Have you?

Patience. I shipped yours. It’s coming.


Hey vdal1812,

I live in Chicago, pre-ordered, and just got mine on Tuesday of this week (even though it was sent out like 2-3 weeks ago). So no worries, the eagle will land :smiley:

Thanks Luke

I’m dying to rip into it. And no I haven’t spoken out against the war but I have trashed conservatives. Damn their evil tentacles, they’ve even reached into my hobby!!!


Thanks, I try to be more patient.


I ordered from Key20 a little while ago and was about to bitch that it wasn’t here yet. Mostly because the effing US Post website with the tracking has no information on my tracking number. It occurs to me I should have sent it to my folks who would then send it up to me or pack it off with people heading up to Canada anyway. Fuck the shipping price from the US to Canada, turn your friends into couriers.

Mostly I’m impatient. I’m eager to pitch it to my group, and suspect that waving the brick around will have more power than waving my laptop around. Though, given what I’ve heard about the product my 17" Powerbook might be more convenient to carry. Assuming, of course, my wife lets me go out the door with my laptop.

Our tentacles are everywhere for the expressed purpose of destroying gaming. Muahahahahaha!