Is the BW Wiki back up?

I can’t find the Wiki and there was tons of good stuff in it. Is it around somewhere?


The wiki is down for the forseeable future, sorry.

You are now seeing my sadface =(

It would be good to at least have access to The Gift. Any way to add that to the available pdfs?

The wiki is accessible through Wayback Machine, although the old forum links don’t work, so you’d have to do some searching for referenced threads.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try

Keeping the wiki up was a bit burdensome due to spam etc. I’m looking into archival options, but my “free” time is very limited these days.


Totally understandable. I will say it looks like the spam-fighting powers of Discourse are formidable. I see there is also wiki functionality to the software. Perhaps some day we will be able to use that and you can close the Wiki to all but proven community members.

If the audio-files I recorded at 10-10-10 still exist, I could stick them in with my Theory From the Closet archive I have over at Internet Archive. That or perhaps Internet Archive is something BWHQ wants to consider, those design interviews Crane did ought to be accessible if they still exist.


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