Is this a typo/tacit omission?


I’m a newbie, w/ a newbie query (I just bought th RPG & haven’t read the comics yet). I was wondering:

On certain Vaylen LPs a requirement includes a “Human lifepath” Is this a typo (isn’t it a “Human ->Caste<- lifepath”, instead - No N/PCs being able to “jump” to other species stock’s LPS)?

Thanks for your time

Haven’t got my book with me to check the exact wording, but if I remember correctly: It means that you must have taken a previous lifepath with a human body, i.e., anything from the Human caste or Vaylen setting.

I don’t have my book either, but Thor’s answer sounds right. There is a chance that it requires a human caste lp but I’m pretty sure it’s all inclusive as long as you have a human body to hop into.