Is This Food I Found Edible?

What would someone test to see if some food they found (mushrooms, or even rations on the last person to delve through) is edible or not?

Health? :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my players had a character with “Non poisonous, non venomous food-wise.”

Stay cool 8)

Unofficially, I’d say Scavenger for things you find growing places (like mushrooms) and Cook for stuff that’s been prepared (like rations).

And Ritualist after you ate it.

Stay cool :cool:

Definitely Survivalist or Cook. But what was the situation? Inedible food should probably arise from a twist. And if there’s questionable food, then there’d be an active test to make the food edible.

Hope that helps.

I’m thinking of having a mushroom cavern, with different mushrooms, some delicious, some poisonous.

Sounds like a trap to me. :slight_smile:

Some delicious AND poisonous…

We have yet to have adventurers go hungry for a significant number of turns in our game… but rest assured I’ll chuck a mushroom patch in their path when they’re good and desperate.