Is "Your Lordship" free with Born Noble?

Hi there, burning up a Born Noble character for the first time and I noticed that the “Your Lordship” trait doesn’t have a listed point cost. Is the intention that I select one of the “Your X” traits for free in order to indicate my family’s rank? (I know I have to pay the 1tp for Mark of Privilege)

All traits from your lifepaths cost 1 trait point, regardless of cost in the traits chapter.

You must buy the first trait from each lifepath (or the first trait in a lifepath you didn’t already have to buy from a previous lifepath).

So, you must spend that Born Noble trait point on Mark of Privilege, and then you may use any leftover extras to buy Your [Title] traits.

See p 89 for more details.


Traits that appear without cost means that they are lifepath traits and cannot be bought by those that have not travelled that lifepath. They still cost 1 point.

Thanks all, that makes sense! And I see that the basic second lifepath picks for the Noble setting all come with an unallocated trait point you could spend on it.

I guess I was just having troubling envisioning what it would mean to be Born Noble but not have a title. Maybe that would make sense for the child of a knight? Or for situations where you immediately end up in another setting?

Titles are all about beliefs (lower case “b”, a first on this forum) of others. I imagine the younger brothers and sisters not having a title as well as the children of fools or unambitious parents.

When you look at royal succession in a history book it all looks so straight forward and linear but this wasn’t for everyone passively accepting the rules, the heir needed to command enough support to enforce those rules. In British history there’s a really interesting situation in which lady Jane Grey was named as Edward Tudor’s successor which was not respected by Mary who was already Queen in Scotland. Jane Grey’s reign lasted a week, and doesn’t appear on the charts of the monarchy that you typically find in British schools.


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