James Baxter Mule and Captive

James Baxter started as my take on the “Mule” but through this intriguing character creation has evolved into something more compelling or complex. Use him to stash all your goods or be goblin fodder. But in the right hands he can prove to be an excellent addition to your party.

Name: James Baxter
Stock: Human
Class: Warrior
Level: 1
Alignment: Law
Age: 36
Raiment: Bandaged rib cage and wrapped fists with manacled wrists
Home: Bustling Metropolis
Parents: Orphan
Enemy: Cornelius Gambler and Boxing Shark

Belief: “There are worse things than death”
Instinct: Never pass up a bet
Goal: “Free myself”

Will: 3
Health: 4
Nature: 4 (Human Boasting Demanding and Running)

Circles: 1
Resources: 0

Commander 2
Hunter 3
Fighter 4
Haggler 4
Rider 2
Wises: Injury- wise
Traits: Heart of Battle 1, Loner 2,

Mouth gag, worn 1
Boxing handwraps, worn 1
Manacle, worn 1
Bandages, worn 1
Satchel, worn 1
Pouch: Empty
Weapon: My Mitts
Skin: Mead, full 1
empty space, 1
Jug: Water, satchel 3
Torches, satchel 1
Rations, Fresh, satchel 1

James Baxter has nowhere to go but up. His life has been wasted flushed away in a drunken haze. Now he is your party’s mysterious captive. He threw the wrong boxing match and lost more money than he could ever repay. He now has only one goal: Survive his personal Katabasis.

F’kin Fantastic!

here is my rendition of James Baxter

How do you play that Belief?

I envisioned some kind of redemption for him. He’s excepted hit fate. a prisoner, a nobody, death is the easy way out that hes been fighting for. But it could also be better written.
Beliefs 101
It can’t just be a catchy phrase