Jihad - Burning Sands Gold?

I’ll keep this brief: What changes (if any) need to be made in order for Jihad - Burning Sands to be updated to Burning Wheel Revised Gold? I’m a relative novice to Burning Wheel so I’m not 100% sure what changed in the transition to Gold.

I know that the following isn’t what you’re hoping to hear, but this is the simplest answer… sorry ahead of time.

Do you have a copy of both Burning Sands and BWG revised? Provided you have both, it’s simply a matter of going through them and familiarizing yourself with changes that must be made, then writing them out.

It will probably be a whole lot of work, but when it comes down to it that’s basically what you’re asking someone to do for you. Anyone who would have gone through the trouble would have posted it already.

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Good point! Perhaps one day I’ll be the one to do the work. For now, I must continue mastering BWG, because I do not feel properly equipped to be hacking/adapting anything

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