Jimmy Fingers, "Consultant" (or as some would have it, "thief")

This is a write-up for a character born in a Dungeon World game at PAX East 2013. Since he also died there, I figured it was okay to resurrect him in the Torchbearer universe.

Name: Jimmy Fingers (aka “Jimmy of the Black”, “Squire Black of Nuork”)
Stock: Human
Class: Thief
Age: 14
Home: Old Haven (a busy crossroads)
Raiment: Dark, hooded cloak. Soft, quiet shoes.

Parents: None (Loner)
Mentor: None (Loner)
Friend: None (Loner)
Enemy: Sorenzen, dark wizard/publisher
Level: 1
Alignment: Chaos

Belief: Although young, I am already a master of my trade. I will prove my skills and worth to allies and enemies alike.
Goal: TBD
Instinct: Always use light & shadow to my advantage

Allies and Additional Enemies: TBD

Devil May Care 1, Quick-Witted 1, Loner 1

Will 3, Health 5
Nature: Human 5 (Boasting, Demanding, Running)
Nature Answers: Boasting, Listen to elders, Flee from hoardes & monsters
Resources 0
Circles 1


Criminal 4, Dungeoneer 2, Fighter 2, Manipulator 4, Scout 3

Torso: Satchel, Rope
Pouch: Thieves’ Tools
Weapon: Dagger
Skin: Fine Wine (Full)
Feet: Shoes (soft)
Satchel: Flask of Oil, Tinderbox, Lantern

Jimmy began his professional career just over a year ago, shortly after having arrived in Ha’ttan after stowing away on a caravan from the trade and academic town of Old Haven in Cutticut, not far to the north.

He gained a measure of fame and notoriety when he very publicly and easily opened a new style of “un-pickable” lock outside the Grand Hall where it was being displayed, demonstrated and sold by its creator, the wiry, dark-haired and charismatic wizard Sorenzen, (proprietor of Sorenzen’s Mystical Mementos and Semi-Rare Books). In truth, Jimmy did nothing more than walk past the display and jiggle the lock with his fingers, and it simply popped open in his hands. In the crowd nearby, a cunning wizardess (her identity hidden by both her magics as well as a voluminous cloak), who had been in opposition of Sorenzen for some time, had opened the lock through the use of her arts.

Following that one incident, Jimmy had little trouble finding paying work, but has recently encountered a few “difficulties” while on the job. He suspects Sorenzen of being behind his latest setbacks. After all, who else would have released an entire mob of zombies into an asylum, or plague his sleep with dreams of spider-men in a strange blue city?

Having been thus “gently guided” into his new life as a “security consultant”, he has gotten his skills up to speed quickly. This is purely a matter of survival, as his employers seem not to expect any result other than complete success when contracting his services.

I love the history of this guy. I want to know who is the mysterious wizardess.

So do I! :slight_smile:

Some of my best Mouse Guard sessions have revolved around fleshing out details of an enemy or NPC that a player either brought into the world during character creation or when Circling. Jimmy’s background was like a bit of a cheat for me. At some point, it will be easy for me to go for a Circles check to find the mysterious wizardess who is the enemy of my enemy, unless the GM decides to bring her into play before that.

Speaking of enemies, I was assuming that someone on these forums would say something about Jimmy’s enemy by now. I’m assuming that it’s obvious who he is to you all…