Just a map

This is a map that I created following the Torchbearer suggestions, but keeping to generic names as given in the sample chapter. It was great fun creating it and if and when I get around to actually playing Torchbearer, I’ll make it a real setting!


That is a lovely map. You could even keep the names – that’s how the people in Setting-land roll!

Hmm … say, have you considered switching the colour denoting water depth, so dark blue is deep and light blue is shallow?

The paler, the more ice. :slight_smile:

That is a pretty map! I love the comic-iness of it.


So excellent!

Thank you guys. The style is inspired by the amazing art of James Stowe. “Comic-iness” is exactly what I was going for.

I normally do the light-to-dark transition of the water contours, but decided to switch for this one on purpose - just to shake things up. You’ll notice that the mountains also reverese the typical shading, being darker at the top.

OH! Now I recall what it really reminds me of… Kingdom Rush! One of the best tower defense games of all time!

Nice Map!

Just curious what software you used to create the map? I’ve always used campaign cartographer myself and then occasionally touch things up in Illustrator or Gimp. Either way, looks really great.

The map was done in Campaign Cartographer 3, as part of my work on our (I do work for Profantasy) Annual subscription.

Pretty! Perhaps we could convince you to create a version of the map that has blank “name tags” (in the spirit of comic-ness, they could be scrolls or such) instead of your texts, and we can fill in those blanks…? :slight_smile:

I’ll see whether I can come up with a nice way to do that. :slight_smile:

Man I would love that too! Thanks in advance for your efforts!