Just a thought

I was thinking it would be awesome if part of the insectrivist skill includes flys which you could use like hawks and have them fly around and scout for you. Any comments?

I’m slightly sidestepping your question but the bees of the apiarist are a like fit no?

But aren’t they needed all year to make honey?

Indeed, most all bees are needed to make honey.

A few are set aside for other uses though.

[li]A hive is set aside for the explicit use of the Sprucetuck scientists in brewing the Scent Border elixir.
[/li][li]Buzz the friendly mayor - see page 101 - gets his name from the swarm of bees that he used to repel a Weasel attack back in '49.
[/li][li]Captain Drozdal who sails aboard “The Dolphin” out of Port Sumac is known to navigate back home after deep sea explorations by releasing a bee from the hold and following it back home.
[/li][li]It is rumoured that Gorlion the Apiarist in Appleloft will train bees as scouts in return for [i].
[/li][li]In a chamber in the deepest depths of Lockhaven, Gwendolyn keeps a handful of warrior bees who are starved and kept perpetually angry; traitors within the Guard are thrown into this chamber to die an excruciating death by sting. The existence of this chamber is not general knowledge.
The mice in your Patrol perhaps could investigate any of these leads if they want a bee scout badly enough :slight_smile: If their hearts are set on flies - yuck - then perhaps those insular and dirty mice in Wolfepointe could help?