Just bought burning wheel gold

Ello, just bought burning wheel gold my first experience with burning wheel or any related games from BWHQ or Luke Crane. Was wondering do i need anything else to run a game? and is it compatible with revised products? I was poking around i saw some plenty of products from previous editions. And are there any planned releases for supplements for gold edition?

Welcome. I just got into BW a couple years ago, so I’ve been through this relatively recently and speak from experience. If you want to run a game, all you need is the first 74 pages of the gold edition. Take that for a spin first. Everything is just expansion from there. If you need monsters or NPC characters, flip to page 562 about burning rogues. If your characters are getting into a lot of heated debates, learn the Duel of Wits and use it next time. If players want to play sorcerers or elves or something, make them responsible for learning their special rules.

But, man, there’s an endless amount of play right there in those first pages, though. You should spend most of your energy focusing on the rules about Intent and Task, and about how Beliefs work. That’s what really makes the wheel spin.

No supplements necessary, but if you’re a GM, once you’ve got the whole of the core book under your belt it might be good to grab a Monster Burner. That’s a revised product, but conversion needed is negligible. The Monster Burner will add a lot to your game, especially if your group enjoys toying with the supernatural or the… monstrous. But in the end I’d say that the BWG book is all you really need.

I don’t believe there are any planned releases for supplements for gold, but once you’ve unpacked the game for yourself you can go really far with what’s already out there.

Hi Ocule. Welcome!

I would highly recommend downloading the free BWG playsheet bundle from our web store: http://www.burningwheel.com/store/index.php/core-books/burning-wheel-gold-play-sheet-pdfs.html

Other than that, you don’t need anything but dice and some friends willing to try something new. The supplements expand the game but aren’t necessary to play. Once you have some experience with the game, it’s not terribly difficult to use them with Gold, but you would need to make some minor tweaks here and there. There are a few sample chapters from the supplements available here: http://www.burningwheel.com/store/index.php/free-pdfs.html

We’re not currently working on any supplements for Gold. That’s not to say it will never happen, but we’re a small group and we can only work on a few things at a time.

Welcome aboard. I highly recommend checking out the “Playing Burning Wheel” section of the forum. Some of the APs posted there are great, and reading them really reduced my anxiety level about running it.

I’d especially suggest the Sel Juk series (http://www.burningwheel.org/forum/showthread.php?3246-BW-One-on-One-Part-1-Master-Si-Juk).

I’ll also echo what was said earlier. Don’t worry about Fight!, Duel of Wits, or Range and Cover Yet. Get the basics down first. The subsystems are great, but they function more as a way to place special emphasis on a conflict than a neccesity.

Thank you :slight_smile: its really nice to see the developers actually active in the community and i get the feeling this will be a wonderful change from my groups usual pathfinder obsession. But so far it feels like it is getting used to. Also i swear i have a magic fetish or something its usually something that strongly influences my opinion of the game and what i skimmed through burning wheel makes it awesome. And ill check out the post hopefully see what kind of games burning wheel can do.

Far as the supplements its good to know i can just use the older ones if this game takes off monster burner and magic burner look like books im going to want.

For monsters and pretty much any NPCs, the rules in the back of Gold are an incredible starting point. You can make them up on the necessary and then flesh them out from there.

Though, the Monster Burner’s list of questions is invaluable and probably usable for lots of things.

You can basically eyeball any monsters you want. Or treat them as a bunch of Obs, not enemies for Fight; you’re not really going to Fight a dragon, are you? (Hint: You lose.) The Monster Burner is most valuable, in my opinion, for adding four more stocks. Three are hard to incorporate, but the Roden (rat-men) are full of flavor and easy to add to any world. There’s a small amount of conversion required but nothing non-obvious.

The Magic Burner is great stuff if you love magic. Almost all of it is compatible except Abstraction. But I’d still play with the base first to get used to how things go.

The Adventure Burner is full of advice, but a lot of it is also stuff you can get right here. It’s also painfully hard to get ahold of a copy.

I like many others cut my teeth on burning wheel with this quick little one shot scenario.

This YouTube video also helped me and my group to figure out some of the unique little nuances that Burning Wheel games.

I will say that having the Monster Burner to hand, with it’s excellent assortment of pre made beasts and monsters, lowers my stress level somewhat.

“Wait you want to Circle WHAT?”

I’d just like to mention Shaun Hayworth’s youtube channel, so he doesn’t have to. He’s got several actual play videos on there, which will give you an insight into the sort of games and gameplay Burning Wheel produces. More importantly, he’s made 7 (so far?) videos in his “Fire in the Garden” series which each discuss a different element of BWG. Really useful for getting your head around the system.


I’m not a stooge, honestly :smiley:

Have fun playing!

Finally started to crack open the book and hopefully a game in the near future. I kept seeing adventure burner was such a great resource but hot damn its expensive on top of no one is carrying it anymore. Luckily i think i can sell my group on it by this point until then might try running one of those free adventures with some premades for people learning the game. Or find an online game to join

In BWG, you’ll find an intense, character-driven game where taking risks drives advancement and story and more risks. You need to attempt things you can’t actually succeed at, and sometimes you will triumph at it anyway and it will be awesome. It’s big and complex and it all ties together wonderfully and it’s one of the best games ever written from my point of view.

From only running “The Sword” three times, reading through the book and actual plays here on the forums and watching the Youtube videos the one thing that I can say is that Burning Wheel will take you in. Run you over and you will forever view other RPGs in a completely new light. I look at the old F20 games and ask myself the question “what is driving this character, what can I tug at to make him become more motivated or to make this more interesting.” The belief system makes that so much easier since it is literally spelled out in front of you. I am also a big fan of the intent and task system, you state what your intent is then you pick up dice. I don’t like at my tables I am going to persuade him to join my cause. Picks up dice, rolls 12 do I succeed. It is now, tell me how you are going to do it, tell me what you tell him. Now you can roll!

If you love magic I would definitely recommend the Magic Burner (Heck, I recommend the whole set!), You can use Abstraction and Distillations to recreate any spell your group may familiar with from other games to help the flow of things. And the Monster Burner is useful if your world view is less Tolkienesque than the standard Burning Wheel fare. But definitely play through the basic rules first! (Just like great drama, start small and build.) I would have saved myself and my group a lot of frustration had I followed this advice.
Regarding the Adventure Burner; They are gettimg hard to find, and some sources are capitalizing on that fact to boost the price so if you find one at listed retail price, buy it while you can. Also the Adventure Burner has some great insights and a few scenarios that I found helpful including “The Sword” an introductory scenario thay helps you teach/learn the basics of game play in the burning wheel. (I think it’s available as a pdf but I’m not certain.) Best of Luck, Have Fun, and Beware the “Wheel of Magic”!