Just picked up 1e

Hi all,

I found a first edition boxed set, purchased it, and now am wondering if I should read that rulebook or pick up the 2e pdf and go there. Are there drastic changes that make second edition much better? Or do some prefer the original? Would love to hear thoughts. And for reference I’m very familiar with Burning Wheel, but haven’t cracked MG. Was hoping to play with a group new to RPGs and figured it would be an easier in that Burning Wheel.

Someone also said on reddit “I was just at a Free Comic Book day with the author, and I believe the game will be coming back to print (I think) in 2022.” Exciting!

I would recommend you to buy the second edition box set, as there are many rules that change, such as the use of wises, traits, weapons and character creation. Hopefully, Mouse Guard will have a third edition and a revision, this game needs some love as the universe created by David Petersen is fascinating and I think the game leaves a lot of rules uncovered. Anyway, as long as you don’t want to complicate things, you can play with the FATE system. As I say, the Mouse Guard RPG system is good, but it needs more work and revision in my opinion.

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Thanks for that! I’ll try to grab a copy of 2e.

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