Just who is Red Darbey?

for that matter who is Tuk the Bandit?
Both these characters appear in the RPG book (as far as I know they aren’t in the comics) one (Red) as the enemy of Thom and Tuk as friend to Baron and enemy to Dain.

For some reason these were the two that really stuck out, so has any one else wondered about these characters? Have you statted them up or used them?

Tuk was a recurring character in our playtest group and the source of much tension between Dain and Baron. If I remember correctly, our first in-game encounter with him is when he and his band ofbandits sought to rob us of our shipment as we were transporting food to the famine-stricken Elmwood.

We would have several more encounters with him over the playtest.

I assume Red Darbey played a somewhat similar antagonistic role for the Grasslake playtest crew, but I don’t know the precise details of that character.

Oh very cool