Kemp Crossed-Hands, newly out of the inn

May I present…

Kemp Crossed-Hands
Age: 18
Stock: Human
Class: Warrior
Home: Crossed-Hands Inn (Busy Crossroad)
Raiment: Freshly waxed leather armour, with the symbol of the crossed-hands painstakingly hand-stitched across the front and back (by his parents)
Level 1
Alignment: Unalligned

Belief: The greatest treasure lies in the deepest depths.
Instinct: Always mark my path
Goal: -

Will: 3
Health: 4
Nature: Human 5
Circles: 4
Resources: 0

Parents: Johan & Erika, Innkeepers of the Crossed-Hands Inn (Haggler)
Mentor: -
Friend: Otto the Cook (Cook)
Enemy: Ignatius, the Cleric, successful adventurer (sneers at Kemp’s unalligned / “down-to-earth” nature)

*Cartographer 2
Commander 2
Fighter 4
Haggler 2
Hunter 3
Manipulator 2
Mentor 2
Rider 2
Survivalist 3


Heart of Battle 1
Foolhardy 2

Head – Helmet
Neck – Garlic
Hands –
carried – Lantern
Torso –
Leather Armor
Backpack (2 slots)

Backpack –
Fresh Rations
Rope (2 slots)
Grappling hook (2 slots)
Tinder Box

Belt –
Pouch – 2D cash
Weapon - Sword

Feet –

Yes, I know he’s got no spare carrying capacity for any loot. He’s a new adventurer (and a seriously Foolhardy one at that), not an experienced one.

You’ll note that he’s the Cartographer… with a skill of 2.

Here is someone about to be tested most thoroughly by his time in the depths. No doubt, he’ll emerge me more stories to boast about… if he emerges at all.