Kenton Stoneheart

Kenton’s family came to ruin over their carefree approach to work, wealth, and debts; poverty gave way to living on the streets where Winter’s Kiss sent them to their graves. Determined to survive, he fled to a nearby enclave of Dwarves, where he worked with his hands before being inducted into the city guard.

Name: Kenton Stoneheart
Age: 30
Stock: Halfling
Class: Burglar
Hometown: Dwarven Halls

Will: 5
Health: 3

Cook 3
Criminal 3
Fighter 3
Hunter 2
Laborer 2 (Home)
Manipulator 2 (Social)
Scout 3 (Specialty)
Scavenger 2

Wises: Needs a Little Salt-wise, Skirmish-wise

Nature 4
Always eat 2nd Breakfast? No.
Run & Hide or Stand & Fight? Stand & Fight.
Warm in bed or on the road? Warm in bed.

Traits: Hidden Depths, Stoic

Head Slot: -
Neck Slot: Garlic
Torso: Cloak, Leather Armor, Satchel
Satchel: 2 Small Sacks, 6 Iron Spikes, 4 Torches
Hand (Worn): Twisted Copper Bracelet (1D)
Hand (Carried): Small Sack (Preserved Rations x2)
Belt: Hammer
Belt: Sword
Belt (Skin): Waterskin (full)
Feet: -

Circles: 3
Friend or Loner? Thir the Laborer
Famly or Ophan? Orphan
Mentor or Self-Made? Bellel the Scout
Enemy? No.

Belief: Those with whom you drink, and the places where you do it are worth your life.

Instinct: Always save a little for later.