Kenzie Is Pro Choice :: Who Knew?

Hey sisters,

Here’s the sitch: played some Mouse Guard yesterday, and Guy’s Kenzie Circle’d up a healer in Port Sumac to tend to his Saxon’s wounds; sadly, Kenzie failed the Circles Test, but he still managed to find Granny Smith, a healer who lived in exile outside Port Sumac. This wyrd witch was willing to see to Saxon’s grievous injuries if the Patrol would have a word with the citizens of Port Sumac and see about ending her exile.

Kenzie and the Patrol duly had a word with Bonnie the Innkeeper about Granny Smith. Turns out the old dear wasn’t so sweet at all! In a suitably PG-rated fashion, Granny Smith was revealed as a backstreet abortionist who dispensed “morning after” potions to the young womenfolk of the port! When found out, Granny Smith had been exiled for her crimes! Bonnie was dead set against having that wee mouse killer back in the port, 'cos Bonnie loved babies!

Time was tight in the session, so after some impassioned role-play about pro-choice and all that jive, we rolled: a Versus Test, the resolute Bonnie and the Pro Lifers versus the passionate Sadie and the Pro Choicers.

My question to you is how would you have structured the Versus Test? I leaned a little to Dogs in the Vineyard, and endeavoured to get Kenzie and the other members of the Patrol to Help Bonnie! Yeah, I know that ain’t in the rules—at least, I don’t think it is—but darn, if Kenzie was on Bonnie’s side I wanted the extra die for the Test.

As it turns out, Bonnie (me) couldn’t convince any of the Patrol to Help her, and in the ensuing Test she bowed to the will of the Patrol and the other Pro Choice townsfolk and Granny Smith’s exile was lifted.


What was it you said? “If Kenzie doesn’t help Bonnie I’ll go to the BW wheel forum and tell everyone all about it!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure that it’s fine to ask the players for help for an NPCs roll. On this occasion I’d given my word to Granny Smith.