With help from the man responsible for Iron vs. Tank, another glorious question is answered: when a naked Kerrn and Mukhadish fight, who wins? Well, we ran 3 seperate firefights, with the same characters, map, positions, and objectives, with 2 out of 3 deciding the battle. First, I will post the Mukhadish character, played by your truly:

Lifepaths: Born Wild, Bogey, Manhunter, Manhunter, Brute, Wild Bull
Per 4, Will 3, Power 8, Forte 8, Agility 4, Speed 5
Steel:7, Hesitation 7
Traits: Brute, Boor, Beserker
Skills:Close Combat 6, Intimidation 5, Physical Training 3, Hunting 2, Man-Wise 2, Wasteland-wise 2, Infiltration 4, Extortion 3, Tactics 3

Fists: I-H4, M-H8, S-H12

Tolerances:Sup H5, Inj H9, Maimed H12, MW H14

We decided not to make Beliefs or Instincts or to spend Resources or Circles, as they would not come into play. No outside help, no weapons, no armor, no vehicles.
I will post the Kerrn in a moment.

when a naked Kerrn and Mukhadish fight, who wins?

Everyone does. Will this be on pay-per-view?

I suppose this is the first Iron Empires slash fanfic ever. :shock:
Wait a minute… if it is genderless/genderless could it still be called “slash”? :slight_smile:

All right, and now, my opponent, played by sirogit’s brother Chris, the Kerrn:

Lifepaths:Born Kahlakesh, Solzjah, Sayeret, Shayatet, Ahnveel, Verker
Per 3, Will 4, Pow 7, Forte 7, Agility 5, Speed 5
Steel 6, Hesitation 6
Traits:Cryptic, “I, Solzjah”, Quiet, Krav Mahah Trained, Anvil Trained, Sanguine, Romantic, Sentimental
Skills: Zero G 2, Soldering 3, Recon 1, Explosives 2, Squad Support 2, Job-wise 3, Assault Weapons 3, Close Combat 6, Observation 1, Physical Training 4, Anvil-Wise 2, Human-wise 2, Driving 2, Streetwise 1, Bigotry-wise 2

Fists:I-H3, M-H7, S-H10
Tolerances:Sup-H4, Inj-H7, Maimed-H11, MW-H13

We decide we’ll use the mini-Firefight rules for I Corner Him and Stab Him in the Face; it seems to fit what we want best, as it’ll be a close brawl that ideally won’t be settled by just one punch.

Okay, so, we set our scene: solzjah-turned-construction verker Kerrn is taking a lunch break when the Wild Bull Mukhadish, drawn by the noise, comes out of the neighboring woods. The Mukhadish is enraged by his hunting ground being encroached upon, and attacks. The Kerrn steps up to defend his worksite, since he knows he’ll be blamed for any damage that occurs.

Objective for Mukhadish: Smash construction site
Objective for Kerrn: Protect site and job

We drew a map, and then, when a lack of contact rolling made determining positions on the map confusing, we decided everything was P2.

The Kerrn got a +1 disposition bonus for Superior Training, what with Anvil Training and all.
The Mukhadish got a +1 disposition bonus for Superior Infiltration, as the Kerrn didn’t have any.
No other bonuses counted.

We both roll Close Combat for disposition; Mukhadish takes a FoRK from Tactics, and Kerrn takes one for Job-wise. Mukhadish rolls 5, Kern gets 6.

Starting disposition: Kerrn:7, Mukhadish:6

First Volley
Close Combat vs. Close Combat

Going right at it, fists swinging, we roll. Mukhadish wins with 2 successes over, dropping both dispositions by 1.

We go to Close Combat rolls. Kerrn chooses Hand to Hand, and get 2 successes. Mukhadish goes for Overbear, and gets 5. After slamming the Kerrn to the ground, he invokes the Rending Claws trait, and rolls the Die of Fate, getting… a 6. An H12 hit gets a Maimed result for the poor Kerrn, who’s low Perception does him in.

The fight ends with the one hit KO by the Mukhadish.

We roll for disposition again. This time, worms plague the Mukhadish, who gets only 1 success, for a total disposition of 2, while the Kerrn gets 3 successes, for a total of 4 disposition.

First Volley
Advance vs. Close Combat

The Mukhadish tries to run past the Kerrn to tear down his target, while the Kerrn shoots out his fists and feet.

Both actions are resolved individually; the Mukhadish gets 3 successes, passing his obstacle with nothing extra to lower his opponents dispostion, while the Kerrn gets 3 successes as well, succeeding with 1 disposition being removed from the poorly positioned Mukhadish.

We go into Close Combat actions again, with the Kerrn again going for Hand to Hand and the Mukhadish going for Overbear. This time, however, the Kerrn tromps the Mukhadish’s poor dice roll, getting double the obstacle and getting a +2 to the Die of Fate, plus another +1 from Krav Magah Trained. He rolls a 3, dealing an H10 to the Mukhadish, who takes… only an Injury. An Injury he chooses to ignore by entering a beserk rage!
The Mukhadish, screaming in anger and pain, rolls 9 successes on his steel test, with two sixes not getting rerolled because it didn’t matter; I mean, I passed the test and wasn’t hesitating, right?

Second volley
Advance vs. Advance
The Mukhadish tries to move further into the construction site to cause harm, with the Kerrn close behind.
The Mukhadish fails his roll, while the Kerrn passes his by 2, catching up with the Mukhadish while at the same time dropping his dispostion to zero.

Having lost the fight totally, the Mukhadish’s end is narrated: an army of Kerrn come running, having heard the scuffle. The Mukhadish, seeing his is overwhelmed, screams and runs, tearing at itself in its rage.

Yeah, that’s right, he was in a berzerker rage, and now that the fight’s over, the Die of Fate is rolled to see what kind of damage the monster does to itself.
A six. A freaking H12, a Maimed result. Which, with the Injury from before, and without the power of the rage to protect him, is enough to KO the Mukhadish. He collapses.

Total and flawless victory for the Kerrn.

Dispostion is rolled, with the Mukhadish getting 6 successes to the Kerrn’s one. Seven to two for starting disposition is a really huge difference. Chris, the Kerrn’s player, was sweating.

First Volley
Close Combat vs. Close Combat

Both fighters approach, ready to lay into each other. Both sides roll 3 successes; no disposition changes occur. The Kerrn is safe, but for how long?

Close Combat actions take place, with both sides going for an Overbear. The Mukhadish player trumps the Kerrn 5 to 2, and rolls a 5 on the Die of Fate, which gets modified up to 6. Like before, the Maiming drops the Kerrn.

Finding this unsatisfactory, I request that we treat the wound as an Injury and play out the rest of the fight. I want a struggle! Chris agrees.

The Kerrn rolls his Steel for the Injury. He gets only two successes. Getting less than half his Hesitation puts him out of the fight. Obviously the dice gods are telling us something, and we grudglingly end, with the Mukhadish winning.

I understand the purpose of the excersize, but…

Should a Troll wander onto a construction site, the Kerrn might be better off taking a sledgehammer with him.

Poor Kerrn…

But-but-but you gyped the Kerrn! He should have Infiltration (it’s in the Shayatet LP) and, rather than give him Surge, you gave him Verker!? But the Mukh gets Wild Bull…

And you gave the Mukh Tactics with general points. Dirty pool!

The Mukh is a near optimal build, but the poor Kerrn ain’t. Come on, I’ll rematch your trolly butt with my Kerrn build!

EDIT: JL, these examples are awesome. You are awesome. Continue the awesome!


Hey, I was not the one who burned up the Kerrn, and accept no responsibility for his less-than-perfection.

Consider your challenge accepted.



Yeah! All the BE fights should be in The Arena!

The Arena - it’s not just for Fantasy!

Ladies and Gents, I present to you, Lemur. A six-lifepath fightin’ Kerrn!

Surge, 4 yrs, 1 rp, 1 cp, +1 P
Skills: 5 pts: Tactics
Traits: 1 pt: Gruff

Shayatet, 4 yrs, 1 rp, 1 cp, +1 M/P
Skills: 5 pts: Explosives, Infiltration
Traits: 1 pt: Krav Magah Trained

Sayeret, 3 yrs, 1 rp, – cp, + 1 P
Skills: 5 pts: Recon, Observation, Physical Training
Traits: 1 pt: Quiet

Anhveel, 3 yrs, 1 rp, 1 cp, +2 P
Skills: 4 pts: SSW
Traits: 1 pt: Anvil Trained

Solzjah, 4 yrs, 1 rp, - cp, +1 P
Skills: 3 pts: Soldiering, Assault Weapons
Traits: 2 pts: I, Solzjah

Born Kahlakesh, 6 yrs (+1 for Lead) – 7 yrs, 1rp, 1 cp
Skills: 2 pts: Zero G, Close Combat. 3 pts General
Traits: 2 pts: Cryptic


Sgt Lemur
25 years old
P 3, W 4, A 6, S 5, P 6, F 6

MW H12, Resources 2, Circles 2, Steel 7 (Hesitation 5)

Zero G 4, Close Combat 6, Soldiering 1, Assault Weapons 3, SSW 3, Recon 1, Observation 1, Physical Training 4, Explosives 2, Infiltration 4, Tactics 4, Command 3, Bull-wise 1

Cryptic, I, Solzjah, Anvil Trained, Quiet, Krav Magah Trained, Gruff, Cold Blooded

Anvil, Kerrn Sword, Fusor, Mukhadish Repellent (+1 Ob for Mukhadish in CC)

Affliations and Reputations
1D – I, Solzjah – Surge in the Omshiip Defense Force

1D – Reputation as a gruff, cryptic – but very kickass – sergeant

The Great JL – Muhkadish Warlord (antagonist Figure of Note)

Pa – Sire, crippled by The Great JL during dirty fruit trade

Monkey – Mate and Kerrn squad support weapons specialist

I shall destroy The Great JL’s gang if it takes every ounce of my courage and blüdt!

Pa has counselled me against revenge, but I will make The Great JL pay in kind for what he did to my father.

Monkey is my solace in this madness, I can’t let any harm befall her (yet I must send her into the fray!)

Always Win

Always Start in Aggressive Stance

Always Cheat


Never leave home without my Mukhadish repellent.

Always keep a fresh powerpack on hand in case the Fusor overheats

Train rigorously at every opportunity


Anyone care to check my work?

Who’s going to GM? Mike? You’ll have to sketch a map and post it. :slight_smile:

What’s the scene? Who’s conflict scene is this? Rarrr!


Vremember to use Kozani Vhite Triangle stance, darling. Und go for da eyes.


“Dirty fruit trade” is cracking me up. Brilliant.

Hey, remember, the terms of the fight is that we fight naked: no weapons, no armor, no help. You dirty cheater. :smiley:

I know what the rules are! Forgive me for making a complete character, you dirty warlord.


So who’s gonna judge the battle?