Kickstarter's politics

Just curious if you all would still be funding much of your work through Kickstarter or if you’ve been considering other options?


Hi Connor,
I’m really glad you asked.

The current situation has certainly given me pause regarding our future use of the platform, but it’s important to slow down and think this through. While there’s been a lot of press and statements and outrage around Kickstarter’s position, the union organizers haven’t called for action. In fact, the union hasn’t asked to be recognized or formally called for a vote to unionize at Kickstarter. So while I find Kickstarter’s public statements puzzling, they are not the definitive end of this story. Whether Kickstarter leadership is anti-union or not, there will be an opportunity for the employees of Kickstarter to decide which direction they’d like to take the company.

Now, the laws protecting unions have been slowly dismantled by conservatives and libertarians for decades, but even so, to me the idea that the staff still gets a vote is a compelling one. That’s the moment I’m waiting for. We’ll see how Kickstarter carries it.


Kickstarter United has now asked for voluntary recognition of their union.


The union also asked to use a neutral third-party arbiter.

Kickstarter leadership responded immediately and said they would not recognize or use neutral arbitration.


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